| Raw christmas treats #1

by malin sonegard

Raw christmas treats #1


Here’s the first recipe in a series of raw christmas treats that I will be sharing with you. These superfood chocolate hearts are so MMM! They’re chewy, crunchy and full of surprises! Would make a great gift if you arrange them in a glass jar (like on the picture) or wrap them up in foil and put them in a nice little box.

You will need: A high speed blender and a silicone chocolate mould.  

Recipe (makes about 20-22 pieces)

1 cup grated raw cacao butter

0,5 cup raw cacao

4 TBS soft coconut oil

0,5 cup coconut palm sugar

0,5 cup sunflower seeds

1 TSP vanilla


2 TBS raw hemp protein

1 TBS shelled hemp seeds

2 TBS dried inca berries

2 TBS dried mullberries

1 TBS grated fresh ginger

1 TSP orange peel

Pinch of salt 

HOW TO MAKE THEM: Simply put the five first ingredients in your high speed blender and blend until everything has melted together (can take a couple of turns). Add the rest of the ingredients and pulse them in. Make sure you still have some bits and pieces of the dried berries and seeds in there when you’re finished. Pour into your chocolate mould and let firm up in the freezer. DONE! :)

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