| Celia Salad w. seaweed, ginger, mangold & kimchi

by malin sonegard

Celia Salad w. seaweed, ginger, mangold & kimchi


This salad is named after my seaweed loving friend Celia. Unlike her I have some difficulties with seaweed sometimes. I don’t like when it’s taking over a whole dish. I’m trying REALLY hard to like it though because it’s so nutritious. And, success! I actually loved this salad. I hope you’ll do the same. Seaweed lover or not! 

(Recipe for one)

In a bowl;

- 1 small spiralized zucchini 

- 1 small spiralized carrot

- 1 inch of finely shredded leek

- Microgreens or other greens

- Chard - julienne the stems and keep the leaves whole

- 0,5 cup of kimchi

- 3 TBS nori flakes (or dulse or any toher algae you prefer) 

- 2 TBS sesame seeds or furikake 


- 2 TBS cold pressed sesame oil 

- 1 tsp apple cider vinegar

- One small garlic - minced

- One small knob of ginger - peeled and minced

- 2 TBS orange juice

- Salt & Pepper


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