| raw butterscotch coconut cookies

by malin sonegard

raw butterscotch coconut cookies

PhotobucketRemember this (<—link) recipe for raw coconut cookies that I posted a few months ago? Here’s a new improved and updated version of them. I’ve substituted the agave for my new love coconut palm sugar. Coconut palm sugar is an excellent sweetener. It has a low glycemic index and has a very pleasant “butterscotch”-flavor. Just like muscovado sugar. I just love this recipe. It takes NO TIME at all to make them (5 min I swear!) and all you need is a good blender and a freezer. 

Makes about 20 cookies;

- 200 grams of dry shredded coconut 

- 100 grams of dry shredded coconut (yes MORE shredded coconut!)

- 150 grams of almond flour

- 1 cup of coconut oil 

- Seeds of one vanilla bean

- 0,5 cup of coconut palm sugar

- 1 tsp salt

In a bowl: Mix 100 grams of shredded coconut with the almond flour, coconut palm sugar and salt. Set aside.

In a high speed blender: Pulse 250 grams of shredded coconut into a “coconut flour”. When it’s done you add the coconut oil and vanilla bean. Mix it again until you have a creamy texture (Oh, the SMELL! Coconut and vanilla. Yum yums!). 

Back to the bowl: Pour your “coconut cream” over your dry ingredients and stir until you have a dough that holds together but isn’t too dry or too wet. If it’s too wet add more shredded coconut. Make small round cookies from the dough and put in the freezer until they’re firm and ready to be…..EATEN!

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