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by malin sonegard

Matthew Kenney Academy - W2 D3 


Only one picture today because today was TACO DAY

This amazing raw taco was made with…

- Soft corn tortillas (dehydrated)

- Cabbage slaw (cabbage, carrot, green onion and cilantro tossed in a “sour cream”)

- Pico de gallo (roma tomatoes, more cilantro and red onion)


- A tart sour cream

- Cacao mole (spicy spicy mole with sunflower seeds, cacao, chili, smoked paprika, cayenne, chipotle and garlic)

Since I love cilantro, CUMIN, avocado, chili…FOOD…and yeah, TACOS! I kind of loved every bite of this. Will definitely do them again when I have the opportunity. They actually have it here on the menu at Matthew Kenney Oklahoma <—LINK. So if you live close by you HAVE to come and try for yourself! Tomorrow is PIZZA DAY! 

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