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by malin sonegard

Matthew Kenney Academy - W2 D2 


Oh man. I have eaten SO much raw ice cream today! Not only did I eat a mountain of my own batch but I also sampled EIGHT other flavors…It’s been a gooood day I tell you! *Rolled my way home*. As the picture reveals I did a chocolate-mint flavor to my ice cream. I just love that combo and it tasted GREAT! For those of you who wonder the ice cream is based on cashews, coconut meat, coconut cream, vanilla and agave syrup! 

Our dumpling wrappers (coconut meat colored with cilantro and spinach juice) we prepared yesterday where ready for us today. We made a cashew/tahini/kimchi-filling for them and fold them into cute little dumpling envelopes! On the plate there was also a ginger foam to go with the dumplings. Absolutely loved these. Raw dumplings rock! 

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