| Matthew Kenney Academy - W2 D1

by malin sonegard

Matthew Kenney Academy - W2 D1 

PhotobucketToday was all about COCONUTS! First we got to open them using a CLEAVER…YAPP, pretty scary stuff! But all fingers are intact and once I got the hang of the technique it was kind of fun! We scraped out all of the meat and drank some of the water! OMG. It was the best coconut water I have EVER tasted. So much coconut flavor and with that perfect “saltiness” to it as well. You can never find bottled coconut water like that! 

We used the coconut meat and made dumpling wrappers for tomorrow and also some…wait for it…waaaait for it…RAW ICE CREAM!! We did a vanilla flavor as a base and then all had to come up with their own add-ins. You’ll see what I picked tomorrow!

Do you know booja-booja? They make the best raw ice cream! Hopefully mine will taste just as good! :))

(Just to clarify W2 = week two, D1 = day one. But you got that right?)

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